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Be it a commercial or non-commercial enterprise, the key issues remain the same:

"How to make a successful product?"

There is no simple answer or magic formula to solve this challenge. New technologies and markets are rapidly changing the design landscape. Novel materials and new manufacturing methods are creating new opportunities, automation is becoming more powerful, and digital integration is enabling new types of conversations with customers and products alike.

The issues of product-user interactions, finding the problem and the mysterious "problem-solution fit," design specifications, regulations and intellectual property, and how best to test your product idea can be quite difficult and add additional complexity to the unknowns encountered at the market level.

At Gateway ESC, we help you tame this complexity with methods, services and technologies. And support you in managing the risks of your product development through prototyping experiments.

We have a lot of services ready for you.

3D printing under the guidance of our prototyping expert, for example.

We help you with the development and creation of your prototype.

Try out technology-based experiences with virtual reality and extended reality with us.

Why and when do I need a prototype?

Prototyping helps you uncover critical success factors at every stage of the project. E.g. by demonstrating the product to the target groups or exploring further possible solutions.

I don't really know how to get started with this. Can you help me with creating a prototype?

We are happy to help you! We offer consultations to work with you on your design, technical development and business model integration.

We provide access to equipment and materials to create physical prototypes. We also work with partners to overcome technical hurdles and offer workshops and seminars to explore and solve problems together.

What are some examples of prototypes you can give me?

Prototypes are found in many domains on levels of form, action, and experience:

  • Diagrams & frameworks
  • Handcrafted constructions
  • Machined constructions
  • Computer software
  • Virtual models
  • Graphics
  • Packages
  • Spaces
  • Role plays & experiences
  • Videos

Does the prototype cost me anything?

It depends. Please contact us for a consultation. This way we can discuss together how we can support you most effectively with your project.

From the first idea to the final product, we support you with our know-how and put you in contact with partners if necessary. That way we help you to avoid costly mistakes, such as deciding too early on a complex solution, a wrong market focus or dealing with a wrong idea over a too long period of time.

In addition to our internal knowledge, we offer you access to:

  • 3D printer systems
  • VR/XR
  • Raspberry Pi microcomputing equipment
  • Laboratory equipment & and university partner facilities

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Get in touch with our prototyping expert

Dr. Piotr Jakubowicz

Prototyping & Technology Marketing