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The Team

Teamname: Doora

Ever left your home only to realize later that you've forgotten important items? Doora aims to reduce everyday stress and improve quality of life by ensuring you have everything you need before you close the door behind you.

Especially for people with memory issues or the need to carry critical medications, our solution could make a significant difference.

Designed to make daily life more efficient and stress-free

Doora is an advanced technology designed to make daily life more efficient and stress-free. Our solution offers an intelligent reminder feature that ensures you never forget important items when leaving your home.

Whether it's everyday essentials or critical medications, Doora provides a reliable reminder right at your doorstep. Notifications can be customized and received through various channels.

Our technology is flexible and can be configured for a variety of use-cases through a user-friendly app. For people with special needs, Doora offers a transformative solution that simplifies daily life.

How did you get together as a team?

The team behind Doora originated from a successful university project at the University of Cologne. There, founding members Marc, Laurenz, and Adrian first met and quickly discovered their shared passion for innovative technologies. 

After the prototype generated significant interest during the university project, it was clear that the journey shouldn't end there. The opportunity for further development came while participating in the Startup Summer School at Gateway.

There, they met Benjamin, whose expertise in Data Science & Machine Learning perfectly complemented the team. After an intense week of work, they unanimously decided to include Benjamin as a permanent member.

Shortly after, Jan joined the team, seamlessly fitting in with his customer service experience and interest in startups. 

Together, we are working to make people's daily lives more efficient and stress-free through intelligent technology.

How did you come up with your idea?

The idea for Doora came about on a day when we, as a team, were brainstorming for an innovative idea as part of a university project.

The goal was clear: to create a product that uses modern technology to make people's daily lives easier. Ironically, Laurenz had forgotten his keys on this crucial day. This small, everyday mishap became the source of inspiration for Doora. 

We quickly realized that the challenge of not forgetting important items is a widespread problem that everyone can relate to. After initial experiments and prototypes, it became clear that Doora could be much more than just a "key-reminder." It has the potential to manage a wide range of items, revolutionizing the daily lives of many.

What are you studying/working or what have you studied?

Marc: Currently working as a Research Assistant at the University of Cologne, specializing in Java development. He is pursuing his Master's in Information Systems.

Laurenz: Works as a web developer and has additional experience in cloud architectures. He is also enrolled in the Master's program in Information Systems.

Jan: Holding a position in customer support and with solid experience in the service sector, Jan is studying Business Informatics at the Bachelor's level.

Benjamin: Specialized in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, Benjamin is enrolled in the Master's program in Information Systems.

Adrian: With a professional background as an IT consultant and developer, Adrian is focusing on hardware-related software development in his Master's program in Information Systems.


The fun fact that led to the inception of Doora is that Laurenz had forgotten his keys at home when we met for the brainstorming session. 

This small oversight became the spark that ignited our entire project.