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The Team

Teamname: Senf.app

Members: Tassilo Morino, Pascal Fuhr, Christian Wild von Hohenborn, Oscar Pablo Thies, Kathrin Krienke






With Senf.app, we specialise in making digital participation in urban planning projects simpler, more efficient and more attractive. By using innovative formats, citizens and other stakeholders are actively involved in order to gain important insights for collaborative urban development.

The digital component of participation expands the analogue exchange with citizens and increases reach and inclusion.

Democratic partizipation made easy

Senf.app stands for innovation, user-friendliness and a deep commitment to democratic participation.

Our mission to rethink urban planning, actively involve citizens and thus pave the way for a better, collaborative future is at the core of what we do. With our wide range of different modules, we strive to strengthen the culture of participation in urban planning projects and create real added value for municipalities and cities.

A central element of our offering is our specially developed digital participation platform, supplemented by additional services for mobilising and communicating planning concepts.

Participants of the C3 Competition 2023

How did you come up with your idea?

The origins of our commitment can be found in Cologne, where we created Senf.koeln, a platform that allows people to share, like and comment on their visions for the city of Cologne on an interactive map - all in an attractive, modern design. 

This idea is based on the intrinsic motivation of wanting to actively help shape the urban space in our neighbourhood.

Was studiert/arbeitet ihr bzw. was habt ihr studiert?

Urban development, design, IT and business