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The Team

Teamname: CatchTalents

Members: Justin Bous, Marco Verhoeven






What is your idea about?

78% of medium-sized companies have problems finding and retaining suitable personnel. To address this problem and help medium-sized companies to find employees in the long term, we have developed an innovative recruiting solution. Catch Talents automates and digitalizes recruitment, saving up to 70% of the time. Postings are automatically created, optimized and spread on channels of one’s choice.

Simplify your recruiting

We digitalize the entire recruiting process. From the creation of a job posting, the applicant-search to applicant-selection and communication - all steps can be managed intuitively from
our software.

Jobs are created and optimized automatically. We place job advertisements on all relevant
online channels and spread them on up to 600 channels. This way, actively and passively searching candidates are equally addressed. Thereby we enable especially small and medium-sized companies the Active Sourcing in social media.

We are convinced that the better someone fits a position, the less likely it is that a candidate will change their job again in the near future.

With our Individual Strengths Analysis - the ISA Method® - the personality of the applicant can be analyzed and matched with the requirements for a position within a few minutes. This allows us to assess not only the technical but also the personal suitability of the applicant for a job.

Applicants are ranked according to their fit right from the start, which significantly reduces the time required for applicant pre-selection.

What has Gateway ESC helped you with?

Gateway Esc has been helpful in advising us on funding which is extremely helpful, especially as a start-up. Furthermore, the first office was provided to us as a first contact point which made working in the team much more comfortable.

A lot of workshops with tips and tricks and tax- and legal-advice helped us a lot in our early days.

Gateway ESC is a great basis for those who are founding for the first time and want to learn from experienced coaches to avoid many mistakes in advance.