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The Team

Teamname: goFLUX

Members: Wolfram Uerlich, Nils Kittel, Dennis Pütz







Still, almost 80% of people use their own cars when commuting to work. In rural or suburban areas, there is usually no good alternative as public transportation connections are lacking.

With goFLUX, we smartly connect private cars with public transportation. "Motorized individual traffic" is reduced as we make better use of resources in daily commuting. The occupancy rate during rush hours is only 1.2 persons per vehicle. Carpools increase the occupancy rate, resulting in less traffic congestion and lower emission output.

The integration of goFLUX carpooling into local public transportation networks also allows better connectivity for people in rural and suburban areas.

With goFLUX, we enable commuters to easily form carpools for their journey to work. Additionally, we integrate these carpools into public transportation for the first time in Germany.

As a complement to public transportation, an intermodal mobility offering emerges, allowing users to connect carpooling, buses, and trains, saving time and fuel costs on their way to work.

Win-win: less traffic and fewer emissions

Good for the environment: Every carpool reduces traffic and emissions, contributing to nationwide climate goals.

Benefits for companies: Through collaboration with goFLUX, companies can promote their sustainability goals and provide their employees with an additional mobility alternative.

Improved connectivity: By integrating carpools into public transportation, rural and suburban areas are better connected, facilitating the transition from personal cars to environmentally friendly modes of transport.

How did you get together as a team?

Wolfram and Dennis attended the same high school in Bonn-Ückesdorf (until 2010/2011). Nils lived in a village nearby and happened to be with a good friend of Wolfram, leading to Wolfram and Nils becoming friends and spending a lot of time together.

When Wolfram, after completing his Master's in Business Administration, had the idea to start goFLUX, he immediately thought of Dennis, who was at that time pursuing a Master's in Business Informatics. 

He reconnected with Dennis, and both Dennis and Nils were enthusiastic about Wolfram's idea, completing the founding team. While Dennis contributed his IT skills, Nils enriched the team with his sense of aesthetic design.

What are you studying/working or what have you studied?

Wolfram: M.Sc. Business Administration, Head of goFLUX & Karos Germany

Dennis: M.Sc. Business Informatics, Product Owner (Tech) & Head of Controlling

Nils: B.A. Sports Management, + Studies at the Cologne International School of Design, Product Owner (Design) & Head of Design

What has Gateway ESC helped you with?

Gateway was particularly supportive during our initial founding phase. We always felt well-advised and cared for in various areas where we needed help.

Additionally, we benefited early on from the network, in which we are still happily involved today. Our first "office" was also in the Gateway's premises - where we felt comfortable with many other start-ups.