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Oh, Honey!

The Team

Teamname: Oh, Honey!

Members: Vernon Flassak (formerly with Jan Philipp Leistenschneider)






Start-up: Oh Honey GmbH
Founders: Vernon Flassak (with Jan Philipp Leistenschneider formerly)
Mentors at university: Evelyn Berresheim-Christ at Gateway ESC
Founded in: 2020
University at which you study/work and faculty(s): Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences at the University of Cologne (until 2020)

While bee extinction is a present topic in public discourse, existing bee conservation projects often require a high level of commitment. On a hot summer day, while enjoying a cool drink of tea, founders Vernon and Philipp came up with the idea of doing something for bee conservation with a refreshing, honey-sweetened iced tea. Now, with Oh, Honey!, everyone can save bees in the blink of an eye in everyday life.

Bee friendly. Refreshing. Sustainable.

We are a young startup from Cologne and want to create more buzz in Germany with our organic iced tea. Without bees, our lives would change drastically!

With Oh, Honey! a product was developed that combines pleasure, health and sustainability. The two innovative flavors "It's Mint" and "It's Ginger" are sugar-reduced and appeal with their delicious taste and the possibility of healthy refreshment in everyday life. Another special feature: our iced tea is sweetened with regional honey, exclusively contains organic ingredients and is produced sustainably. In addition, 10 cents per bottle are donated to bee conservation projects throughout Germany. Working together with customers and our partner companies, we are making a significant contribution to the protection of bees in Germany.

We work on the execution of our mission in a small team in our office in Ehrenfeld.

Satisfy your thirst for good deeds

With Oh, Honey! we have developed an organic iced tea that lets you support bee conservation in Germany with every bottle. And how does it work? Our iced tea is not sweetened with sugar, but 100% with honey from local beekeepers. In addition, we support bee protection projects in the region with 10 cents per sold bottle - for more buzz in Germany.

Bee friendly. Refreshing. Sustainable.

After extensive market research and numerous iced tea tastings, we launched our first two flavors in the summer of 2020 - "It's Mint" and "It's Ginger". Since we care about the environment alongside a great taste experience, we bottle our iced tea in glass bottles that are part of a reusable system. That way, together with you, we create more blooming meadows, more bees and thus quality of life for everyone. Sounds good? On our website you can find all locations where Oh, Honey! is already available. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Together with customers and our partner companies, we are making a significant contribution to the protection of bees in Germany.

What has Gateway ESC helped you with?

By providing workspace and coaching, the Gateway ESC has helped us substantially to put our idea into practice.

Furthermore, the exchange with other start-up founders has been very valuable for supporting each other through contacts as well as through experiences. Regular events also allow us to stay in touch with the network and we are therefore very happy to still be part of the Gateway ESC community.