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UVIS UV-innovative Solutions GmbH

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Teamname: UVIS UV-innovative Solutions GmbH

Members: Katharina Obladen, Tanja Zirnstein








Start-up: UVIS UV-innovative Solutions GmbH
Founders: Katharina Obladen und Tanja Zirnstein
Mentors at university: Marc Kley, CEO of Gateway ESC
Founded in: 2016
University at which you studied/worked and faculty(s): University of Cologne, Faculty of Law

Bacteria and viruses have many ways to multiply and spread at rapid speed. One source of infection that is quite rightly at the top of the ick scale is the manual handrails of escalators. To be safe from possible injuries, however, you should hold on to them in any case.

With our invention, the UVC module "ESCALITE", we disinfect the handrails in seconds in the invisible area of the escalator and thus ensure a doubly safe ride - from germs and from falls.

UVIS UV-Innovative Solutions GmbH is a young Cologne-based company and was founded in 2016 by the current managing directors Tanja Zirnstein (née Nickel) and Katharina Obladen.

UVIS stands for innovative technologies that increase hygiene in public spaces and thus make everyday environments a little safer from potential infections.

Be it the most diverse surfaces or air, which are cleared of germs of all kinds with the help of UVC radiation, plasma technology or antimicrobial coating.

UVIS also provides extensive knowledge in office hygiene workshops or in advising companies on the development of their own innovative hygiene technologies.

What has Gateway ESC helped you with?

Gateway ESC as the university incubator was our first point of contact in the early days. There was excellent infrastructure available here in the form of workspaces and meeting rooms, which we were able to use.

The regular exchange with consultants and the support in the development of business plans was very helpful for us. The employees also helped us in our search for investors.

Our recommendation to founders is not to miss out on this valuable support. At Gateway ESC you will find very skilled people who will give you all the help you need to get your idea started.

We are very happy that we can now give back a part of the investment in us as a member of the Gateway ESC sponsoring association.