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The Team

Teamname: W1NNAS

Members: Pablo Klüppelberg, Ben Decker




In recent years, there has been a clear upward trend in athletes using snus, which originated in Sweden. Although snus offers a lung-friendly alternative to cigarettes, it is still extremely harmful to health.

Can the practical use of snus also be used as a quick, immediate way of absorbing important nutrients before and during sport?

W1NNAS is doing just that with the launch of the Performance Pouch

Best possible athletic performance and maximum focus

The W1NNAS Performance Pouch uses the practical and fast way of absorbing nutrients via the mucous membrane. With the Performance Pouch, we can guarantee the best possible athletic performance and maximum focus before and during sport.

However, the pouches are not only used in a sports context, because the body also needs the right selection of nutrients for optimum regeneration after sport. In cooperation with our doctors, we were able to find an optimal nutrient composition for both the Performance Pouch and the Relax Pouch.

W1NNAS also scores with an extremely strong network of professional sportspeople, athletes and investors, as well as a young, sports-enthusiastic team.

How did you get together as a team?

Pablo und Ben kannten sich durch gemeinsame Kurse an der Deutschen Sporthochschule Köln und kamen nach Pablos Praktikum bei einer Spielerberatung auf die Idee W1NNAS zu gründen.

How did you come up with your idea?

Pablo frequently came into contact with the problematic use of snus and nicotine pouches in professional sport due to his internships at Bayern Munich and ROGON (player agency).

What are you studying/working or what have you studied?

Pablo studied sports management at the German Sport University Cologne and completed internships in London, at ROGON and FC Bayern Munich, so he knows the football business very well.

Ben also studied sports management at the German Sport University Cologne and completed his internship at Nike and worked on many projects for the DFL, Adidas and FIFA and therefore knows the sports business very well.


Ben couldn't relate to the topic at first and thought that "snus" was a sleeping app.

What has Gateway helped you with?

The people at Gateway gave us an excellent opportunity to shape our idea into a start-up with a strong team and well-known investors. The exchange with other start-ups and with the coaches was also very helpful.